New content and functionality on the web resource

Posted on 16 July 2014 by

Our final publication first phase of the Find & Connect web resource is now live. The final publication features major content changes and some improved functionality.

In news that should please many regular users of the site the browse by location function has been reinstated. The browse by location list appears as the fourth option on the Look for Homes page.

Apart from new content about Homes and records we have also added some new pages:

The footer has been been updated to reflect the new content and we have added a link to our You Tube channel. Last but not least the news section of the website is now searchable and has undergone a slight redesign.

These changes are the most significant updates since we went live with the new website design last year. With all the added content about Homes and records it’s a great time to search again for information on the web resource.

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