Exhibition in Adelaide – Enslaved in a Magdalene laundry

Posted on 11 September 2014 by

An exhibition by a Forgotten Australian depicting life in the notorious institution “The Pines” has opened in Adelaide. The exhibition shows work by New York artist, Rachael Romero, who was placed in the Convent of the Good Shepherd, in Plympton, South Australia, when she was 14 years old.

Romero recalls, “In this Dickensian throwback, our names were taken. Our identity was taken. We were shocked into an enforced silence and ‘trained’ to carry out dangerous drudgery. Offered no remuneration for such labour we were told to offer it up for the saving of souls in the ‘next life’ and therefore beautify our pitiful selves.”

Curated by Adele Chynoweth; the exhibition runs till 3 October 2014.

More information is available on the University SA website:

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