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New South Wales - Archival Series

Personal records (incomplete) (1960s - 1980)

Bomaderry Aboriginal Children's Home


These are the only known surviving records of the Bomaderry Children's Home. They are very incomplete and the information contained in them is sparse. Very basic information about the child includes: name; date of admission and discharge; and names of parents and siblings. In a few cases, some family background information may also be given.

Quantity: 1 archives box


Access Conditions

Access to these records is restricted to those people to whom the records relate. The person applying for access must fill in a request form for personal information contained in the records, stating the reason for requesting access. If the application is approved, the Archives Officer at the United Aborigines Mission (UAM) will extract the information from the files on behalf of the applicant. Historians may also access records under certain conditions and must also complete a request form stating the reason for requesting access and the purpose of research.


Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: Thinee, Kristy and Bradford, Tracy, Connecting Kin: Guide to Records, A guide to help people separated from their families search for their records [completed in 1998], New South Wales Department of Community Services, Sydney, New South Wales, 1998,

Prepared by: Melissa Downing