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South Australia - Concept

Law in South Australia (1834 - )


The way laws have been made and implemented in South Australia has varied over time. A number of different administrations have made and amended laws in South Australia since the Colony of South Australia was established in 1834.


Colony/Province of South Australia (1834-1901)

The Colony of South Australia was established in 1834 by an Act of the British Parliament. Intended as a colony for free settlers and assisted emigrants, convict transportation to South Australia was not allowed. It was called the Province of South Australia, to distinguish this colony from other colonies that received convicts.

Self-government in South Australia was achieved in 1857. South Australians were overwhelmingly in favour of Federation, and voted 'yes' at two referendums in the 1890s.

State of South Australia (1901 - )

In 1901, with Federation, the State of South Australia was established. As a State of Australia, federal law made by the new Australian Government applied to South Australia, and legislative powers were divided between the State of South Australia and the new Commonwealth of Australia.

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Prepared by: Cate O'Neill