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Browse Publications - E

  • Earnshaw, Beverley, A Start in Life: The history of the William Thompson Masonic School, 1922-1988, William Thompson Masonic School Council, Sydney, 1988. Details
  • Ellmoos, Laila, Our Island home : a history of Peat Island, Department of Ageing, Disability &‚Äč Home Care, Sydney, 2010. Details
  • Elphick, Beverley (Gulumbali) and Don, The Camp of Mercy: An historical and biographical record of the Warangesda Aboriginal Mission/Station at Darlington Point NSW, Beverley (Gulumbali) and Don Elphick, Canberra, n.d., http://www.kooriweb.org/foley/resources/pdfs/106.pdf. Details
  • 'Establishment of the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse', in Australian Government: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Commonwealth of Australia, 2012, http://www.dpmc.gov.au/child_abuse_royal_commission/index.cfm. Details
  • Evans, Caroline; Parry, Naomi, 'Vessels of progressivism? Tasmanian state girls and eugenics, 1900-1940', Australian Historical Studies, vol. 32, no. 117, 2001, pp. 322-333. Details
  • Evans, Win, A Rejected Childhood, W. Evans/Parker Pattinson, Hurstville, 2001, 255 pp. Details
  • 'Everest hero to introduce Royal broadcast', The Australian Women's Weekly, 23 December 1953, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article51938428. Details
  • 'Everything I didn't have', in Forgotten Australians: Life Stories, Alliance for Forgotten Australians, 2011, http://www.forgottenaustralians.org.au/dvd.htm. Details