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Peak Body
Peak Bodies are organisations, often formed out of grass roots activism or interest in a particular issue, which act as a representative voice for the people and or groups who are their members.
Handicapped Persons' Association of the Northern Territory (1974 - 1990s)
HPA Disability Services Inc (1990s - )
Mentally Retarded Persons' Association (1963 - 1974)
The term Place is used to describe a location.
Northern Territory of Australia (1911 - 1927)
Northern Territory of Australia (1978 - )
The Northern Territory of South Australia (1863 - 1911)
Stuart (1888 - 1933)
The term Policy refers to a guiding principle adopted by a group, sector or government with respect to a particular issue.
Assimilation policy (1951 - 1965?)
The term Presbyterian describes a person or organisation affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.
Australian Inland Mission (1912 - 1977)
Australian Inland Mission Hostel (1926 - 1961)
Presbyterian Inland Mission (1912 - )
The term Protestant describes a person or organisation affiliated with any one of the Protestant Churches. With child welfare, services were often clustered under the umbrella terms of Protestant and Catholic.
Aborigines Inland Mission (1905 - 1998)
Australian Indigenous Ministries (1998 - )
Public Servant
A Public Servant is a person who works for the government, for example in a state, territory or federal department, but who was hired, rather than elected, to that position.
Colonial Surgeon for the Northern Territory (1874 - 1885), Northern Territory of South Australia
Director of Native Affairs (1939 - 1953), Australian Government
Director of Welfare (1953 - 1970), Australian Government
Medical Officer (1885 - 1916), Northern Territory of South Australia
Medical Officer, Palmerston (1869 - 1874), Northern Territory of South Australia