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Browse Categories - P

Peak Body
Peak Bodies are organisations, often formed out of grass roots activism or interest in a particular issue, which act as a representative voice for the people and or groups who are their members.
Umeewarra Nguraritja
A Philanthropist is a person who engages in philanthropic (charitable) activities through the contribution of their time, money, or other resources.
Barr-Smith, Mrs Robert, Philanthropist
Barr-Smith, Robert, Philanthropist
Brown, Mrs Jessie, Philanthropist
Buxton, Lady Victoria (1839 - 1916), Philanthropist
Cocks, Kate, Philanthropist
Farr, Julia (1824 - 1914), Philanthropist
Gamble, Mrs, Philanthropist
McBride, Mr R J, Philanthropist
Symon, Miss E, Philanthropist
Symon, Miss M, Philanthropist
Symon, Sir Josiah, Philanthropist
Tucker, Mr E W, Philanthropist
Vaughan, Dorothy, Philanthropist
Willoughby, Mrs F C, Philanthropist
The term Place is used to describe a location.
Carrieton (1942 - 1946?)
The term Policy refers to a guiding principle adopted by a group, sector or government with respect to a particular issue.
Aboriginal Child Placement Principle (1983 - 2009)
The term Protestant describes a person or organisation affiliated with any one of the Protestant Churches. With child welfare, services were often clustered under the umbrella terms of Protestant and Catholic.
Davenport Reserve, Mission Home (1964 - 1995)
The Lutheran Church of Australia (1838 - )
Morialta Children's Homes Incorporated (1972 - 1974)
Morialta Protestant Children's Home (1924 - 1972)
Morialta Protestant Children's Home, Board of Management (1924 - 1974)
Toorak Gardens Boys' Hostel (1967 - 1972)
Umeewarra Mission, Children's Home (1937 - 1964)
Public Servant
A Public Servant is a person who works for the government, for example in a state, territory or federal department, but who was hired, rather than elected, to that position.
McNally, Frederick John, Public Servant