Site redesign update!

We’ve taken on board feedback provided in usability testing and are making changes to the redesigned site.

Refining search results using a filter confused some people – feedback included that there were too many options or too few, or it was hard to understand how to include them or delete them from the search. We’re organising the different types of information on the site, grouping things together in a way that makes sense and is easier to navigate (eg listed by religion, or type of institution).

List view

Support services in particular wanted an option to see search results in an alphabetised list, which is now possible.

While those familiar with the site had no trouble using the map, people unfamiliar with Find & Connect found it a bit tricky to navigate – we get a lot of new users so it’s important that people just starting to research their childhood can find information as easily as possible. It’s now easier to find the map, with more search option available, and in more places.

We’re working on a way to make photographs searchable from the home page, to make it easy to navigate through albums, and to show full size images, and descriptions of photographs where possible.

map view

We’ve tweaked the homepage so things are more visible, and there are more pathways through to information about homes and record holders for those who find the new layout challenging. We will also provide training on how to navigate the site efficiently and easily for those shifting from the current site after becoming familiar with it over many years.

There’s more to be done before we’re ready for the next round of usability testing, keep an eye out for updates if you would like to participate in creating the next generation of