Victorian Parliamentary Apology

There are countless ways to harm a child and all of them leave a mark … For the physical scars you bear to this day, we say sorry. We also recognise that many of you bear the emotional scars, the humiliation, the stigma, the neglect … So many of you were made to feel so worthless when you were and you are worth so much.

[For] the heartbreak and humiliation dealt to you, we say sorry … We apologise that the burden of your experience often carries on in your relationships with your children and grandchildren.

Many of you are also denied that most basic right of knowing who you are. Instead you’re forced to piece together your identity and history from your records. Documents that were either incomplete or blacked out or littered with lies made up about you and your family. We are sorry. This made the wounds even deeper.

We also apologise for the opportunities missed, and the potential left unrealized for the way your health was neglected, often with a lifetime of consequences.

On Thursday 8th February the Victorian Government apologised to the more than 90,000 children that were placed in care in Victoria before 1990, where many experienced abuse and neglect.

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