Copelen Street Family Centre: formerly the Methodist Babies’ Home, South Yarra: Fiftieth Birthday 1929-1979

This is a digital copy of a publication produced to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Methodist Babies’ Home. Copelen Street Family Centre which was on the site in 1979 invited the public to visit the building on a weekend in December. The publication includes information about the services provided by Copelen Street in the…

Kate “Nurse” Graham

This is a story written and researched by Judith O’Shea from March 2021 about Catherine Graham (1853-1931), a former Matron at Mittagong Cottage Homes. While the author has taken care with resourcing the information in this article there may, of course, be errors.

Commonwealth Department of Social Services: Benefits available to girls in homes for unmarried mothers

This is a copy of a pamphlet produced by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services between around 1969 and around 1972 to provide information to ‘girls’ in Homes for unmarried mothers. It appears to be from the State of Queensland as it only refers to Homes and locations in that state. This pamphlet was provided…

Records Policy [August 2020]

This is a copy of the Records Policy [August 2020] of the Society for Providing Services for Neglected or Needy Children Inc. The Policy guides decisions about access to records of Our Children’s Home (Ardill House).

Photographs from the Lysterfield Boys’ Farm site

This document contains photographs of the site of the Lysterfield Boys’ Farm, also known as the Church of England Boys’ Society Training Farm, as well as signage at the site. The photographs of the site show a small section of wall and a domed-top well, which are all that remain of the farm house. The…

Tasmanian Archives Correspondence Files Series AD203 – List of items that may be of relevance to Care Leavers

This document contains a list of items in the Tasmanian Archives Series ‘Correspondence Files’ (Series Number AD203) that may be of relevance to Care Leavers. These include records relating to children’s homes (both privately and government run), foster care, child migration, Aboriginal youth, providers of Out of Home Care, and other child welfare issues. The…

List of Northern Territory evacuees, World War II (1942)

This is a digitised version of a file held by the National Archives of Australia.

Kahlin Compound. Aboriginal Compound & Half-caste Home (1933 – 1938)

This is a digitised version of a file held by the National Archives of Australia.

Garden Point (Melville Island). Review, reports etc – Northern Territory (1940 – 1952)

This is a digitised version of a file held by the National Archives of Australia.