Many Neighbours

Many Neighbours is a video from the Red Cross Red Crescent historic film collection. It is a short promotional film about the Australian Red Cross Society released in 1949. It was made for the Victorian Division of the Red Cross and depicts various services in repatration hospitals, convalescent homes, civilian hospitals and in homes of…

Mornington Island Mission, 1940s

From the catalogue of the National Film and Sound Archive: “This is an excerpt from colour home movies made between 1944 and 1948 by Reverend James McCarthy, the Superintendent of the Presbyterian Mission on Mornington Island. Mornington Island, a remote community in the Gulf of Carpentaria, has been occupied by its traditional owners, the Lardil…

Kamballa – Parramatta – an institution for girls

This is a video posted on YouTube by Sandie Jessamine, a former resident of Kamballa. It shows Sandie and her grand daughter walking around the former site of Kamballa and some photographs of Kamballa from the 1970s. This is the text accompanying the video: “Kamballa Special Unit was a girls home that existed between 1974…

St Joseph’s Orphanage Ballarat

This is a video with aerial drone footage of the former site of St Joseph’s Orphanage in Sebastapol (Ballarat).

Abandoned boys home left empty for decades

This is a YouTube video with footage of the exterior and interior of the former St Paul’s Training School at Newhaven, Phillip Island, Victoria.

Mistreatment at Tamworth boys’ home revealed

This is a video on YouTube where 4 men share their memories about the Institution for Boys, Tamworth.

In honor of those who endured Mt Penang Boys Training School Forgotten Australians Institution

This is a video on YouTube with a former resident of Mount Penang walking around the site and sharing his memories of abuse he endured at the institution. Other former residents of Mount Penang have left comments on this video.

Building a Future for Spastic Paralysis Victims

This video, produced in 1940, features McCleod House, also known as the Spastic Centre Country Children’s Hostel, in Mosman, Sydney. It shows scenes of life at the home, including children participating in classes, physical excercises, handcrafts, and at meal time. The narration gives an overview of the purpose of the centre and the methods used…

Australia: explosion at Roman Catholic convent kills seven

This is footage from a Reuters story about the explosion at the laundry of the Magdalen Home in Hobart on 5 September 1974.

Little brothers from UK begin new life AKA Barnardos Boys to Australia

This is footage from a voiceovered newsreel from 1948 about a group of child migrants from the United Kingdom to Australia, sponsored by the Big Brother Movement. It shows a ship that had 580 ‘new settlers’ on board, and states that 250 of them were under 12 years old. It mentions that some of the…