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Admission and Discharge Day Books [The Haven]

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Please contact the Care Leaver Records Service:

Phone: (03) 9096 8449

Email: clrs@dffh.vic.gov.au

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Quote this number to access your records: Public Record Office Victoria registration number, VPRS 17821/P0001

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Admission and Discharge Day Books (1907-1975) is an archival series held by the Department of Health and Human Services. These records were transferred from the Salvation Army to the Victorian government at some point following the closure of The Haven in 1975.

Access Conditions

Open Access – Records older than 99 years are open and digitised copies of the Day Books have been published by PROV and are available via the link on this page.

Restricted Access – Records containing personal or private information about children are closed to public access for a period of 99 years. Care Leavers (and their families) can apply for access to records via the Care Leaver Records Service.


The Admission and Discharge Day Books record details of infants who were admitted to The Haven, including: admission number, name, date and place of birth, date admitted and discharged, and the location following discharge (that is, what happened to the infant when she or he left The Haven, for example, gone with mother, boarded out, adopted, committed to Royal Park, etc), and an address.

Registers are arranged in date order. To locate an entry, it is necessary to know a person’s birth date.

There are 8 volumes of records, dating from 1907 to 1975.

As registration numbers commence at 756, it would appear that the first volume of the series is missing. It is not known whether this volume still exists, as it appears to have been separated from the rest of the collection for many years.

Volume 8 includes a register of babies born at Royal Women’s Hospital, where the mother and child were subsequently admitted to The Haven. The registration numbers 0001 to 0368 for births at Royal Women’s Hospital, include the time period of child birthdates 25/4/1967 to 23/1/1975.

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