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Affiliation Law Amendment Act 1898, South Australia


The Affiliation Law Amendment Act 1898 (No 702 of 61 and 62 Vic, 1898) was passed on 23 December 1898. Its full title was: An Act relating to Affiliation. The Affiliation Act 1898 introduced confinement expenses to be paid, to the mother, by the father of an illegitimate child. The confinement expenses include medical and nursing expenses and cost of clothing for the child for two months after its birth.

The Act includes definitions of Proof, Terms of the order, complaints and proceedings. The Affiliation Law Amendment Act 1898 was amended by the State Children Amendment Act 1900 on 5 December 1900, and repealed by the Maintenance Act 1926, which commenced on 7 April 1927.

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