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Building Applications, Hobart City Council

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These records are held by Tasmanian Archives (2011 - current).


Building Applications, an archival series created by the Hobart City Council, contains a number of items related to children’s homes in Tasmnia. Each item in this archival series includes the Building Surveyor’s Office form with details of the building work, address, name of the owner, name of builder and fee. The item might also include plans and specifications.

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This series contains the following items that relate to the following Tasmanian children’s homes. Each item’s title starts with the item ID number, e.g. AE417/1/421, which will need to be quoted when ordering an item from Tasmanian Archives.

Magdalen Home:

  • AE417/1/421 St Canice Ave (Magdalen Home) (948A) [Dated 1923]
  • AE417/1/3976 St Canice Av Magdalen Home (8781) [Dated 1943]
  • AE417/2/2331 Mt St Canice Convent Sandy Bay (13579) [Dated 1953]
  • AE417/2/3068 Convent, St Canice Ave (14369) [Dated 1954-1955]
  • AE417/5/495 St Canice Avenue, St Canice Convent, Brick and Concrete Loading Bay (70534) [Dated 1970]
  • AE417/5/1107 St Canice Avenue, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Alterations (71477) [Dated 1971]

Kennerley Boys Home:

  • AE417/1/476 19 Hamilton St (Kennerley Boys Home) (1003A) [Dated 1923]
  • AE417/1/969 19 Hamilton St (Kennerley Boys Home) (2424) [Dated 1924]
  • AE417/1/1641 19 Hamilton St (Kennerley Boys Home) (3567) [Dated 1928]

Mothercraft Home:

  • AE417/1/1951 49-51 Pirie St (Mothercraft Home) (6466) [Dated 1937]
  • AE417/1/4614 Pirie St (Mothercraft Home) 9478) [Dated 1946]
  • AE417/4/1940 Pirie Street, Mother Craft Home, Additions (68166) [Dated 1968]

St Joseph’s Orphanage:

  • AE417/1/387 72 Harrington St (St Josephs Orphanage) (913A) [Dated 1923]
  • AE417/2/3705 St Joseph’s Orphanage chaplain’s house, Harrington Street (15065) [Dated 1956]

Blind, Deaf and Dumb Institution:

  • AE417/5/1056 Argyle Street, Institute for the Blind and Deaf, Alterations to Laundry (71427) [Dated 1971]
  • AE417/5/1503 Lewis Street, Blind and Deaf Institute, Extension to Dining Room (72143) [Dated 1972]

Aboriginal Family Group Home:

  • AE417/6/1024 7 Scott Street, Aboriginal Hostels, Family Group Home (76062) [Dated 1976]

Home of Mercy:

  • AE417/1/1286 Midwood St (Home of Mercy) (2748) [Dated 1926]

Wingfield School:

  • AE417/3/290 St Johns Avenue, St Johns Park, Wingfield, Weather Board Classrooms (16523) [Dated 1958]

Wingfield House:

  • AE417/4/1970 St Johns Avenue, Wingfield House, Additions (68193) [Dated 1968]

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