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Please contact Research Enquiries, Tasmanian Archives:

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Quote this number to access your records: Tasmanian Archives Series Number, AD203

Records Location

These records are held by Tasmanian Archives (2011 - current).


The Correspondence Files, dated from 1919 to 1998, include correspondence with the various government departments with responsibility for child and social welfare. There are items within this series relating to Tasmanian approved children’s homes and government-run institutions for children, as well as relating to child welfare, foster care, child migration, juvenile justice, youth affairs, Aboriginal affairs, and non-government organisations that provided out of home care in Tasmania. Some of these items contain the names of children in out-of-home care. This series also includes many items that do not relate to child welfare.

Access Conditions

Closed B75 years
B75 means that these records are closed to the general public for 75 years from the date of the last entry in them. They are administrative files that may contain personal information of more than one person. People wishing to access them should contact the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office as its staff can usually make the records available after removing the third party information.


This series contains correspondence and administrative files which may contain personal information as well as more general administrative information regarding the management of children’s homes and child welfare more broadly. Some items are known to contain the names of children in out-of-home care. This series also includes many items that do not relate to child welfare.

The topics, themes and organisations related to out-of-home care covered by the items within this series include: children’s homes; foster homes; child welfare; youth shelters; juvenile delinquency; Foster Parents Association of Tasmania; Guardianship Board; Mental Deficiency Board; Retarded Children’s Organisation; Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; Child Protection Assessment Board; Supported Accommodation Assisstance Program; children’s boarding homes and day nurseries; Anglican Family Care Services; Hobart City Mission; Launceston City Mission; St Vincent de Paul Society; Hobart Benevolent Society; Launceston Benevolent Society; Catholic Family Welfare Bureau; Cape Barren Island; Aboriginal affairs; wardship review reports; complaints, enquiries and investigations into child and family welfare; and Children’s Court reports and correspondence.

For a list of items within this series that are likely to be of relevance to Care Leavers and may contain information about children, please see this document: Tasmanian Archives Correspondence Files Series AD203 – List of items that may be of relevance to Care Leavers.

Tasmanian Archives also holds other records series which make reference to or are referenced by items within this series, including the Master Index to Case Files (AD204), File Guide (AD247), and Hobart Area Office – Case Records of the Childrens Court in Southern Tasmania (AA742).

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