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Depots, Homes And Hostel Files [School Attendance/Licensing Branch, Department of Community Services]

To access these records

Please contact the Care Leaver Records Access Unit, Community Services:

Postal Address: Care Leaver Records Access Unit, Community Services, Department of Communities and Justice, Locked Bag 5000, Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone: 1300 137 160 or (02) 9716 2500

Email: CareLeaverRecordsAccessUnit@facs.nsw.gov.au

Website: https://dcj.nsw.gov.au/children-and-families/out-of-home-care/about-out-of-home-care/accessing-your-care-records.html

Reference Number

Quote this number to access your records: State Records Authority of New South Wales Series Number, 14787


Depots, Homes And Hostel Files contain applications for licences to conduct a depot, home or hostel. On 1 November 1969, amendments to Part VII of the Child Welfare Act became effective, and, as a result, all places defined as a Depot, Home or Hostel which provided residential care for six or more children up to 16 years of age had to be licensed in terms of the new provisions. These files give full details of the facilities offered, staff and their qualifications, proposed alterations to premises, etc. Correspondence regarding the application and correspondence from the individuals concerned is also included.

Quantity: 6 boxes

Access Conditions

Access to these records is restricted. People wishing to access restricted records can either contact their nearest Community Services Centre to apply or they can post the information; an application form must be completed together with proof of identity provided.

In New South Wales, records relating to individuals, such as case files and correspondence are closed to public access for 100 years. Records such as registers and indexes are closed to public access for 80 years. Individuals can apply to request access to records in this series.

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