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Education Act 1875, South Australia


The Education Act 1875 (No 11 of 38 and 39 Vic, 1875) was passed and commenced on 2 January 1875. Its full title was: An Act to amend the Law relating to Public Education. It was amended by the Education Act 1878 (No 122 of 41 and 42 Vic, 1878). Section 25 of the Education Act 1875 was repealed by the Educational Lands Act 1881. The entire Education Act 1875 was repealed by the Education Act 1915 on 13 January 1916. The Education Act allowed for the establishment of public schools and contained provisions about the compulsory schooling of children of a certain age. The Act set out penalties for parents who neglected to send a child, aged between 7 and 13, to school.

The Education Act 1875 was amended by Act No.73/1877, Act No.122/1878, Act No.154/1879, Act No.217/1881, Act No.507/1891, Act No.892/1905.

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