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GordonCare for Children


GordonCare for Children came into being in late 2000. The organisation was previously known as the Gordon Homes for Boys and Girls. The name was changed to reflect the broadening scope of the care programs run by GordonCare.

In June 2012 the GordonCare Committee of Management concluded its contract with the Department of Human Services, bringing to an end the period in which GordonCare for Children provided residential care. In April 2013, the organisation liquidated its assets to form the ten20 Foundation.

In January 2020, the ten20 Foundation was liquidated.

National Redress Scheme for people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse

In 2021, the Victorian government has agreed to be a funder of last resort for this institution. This means that although the institution is now defunct, it is participating in the National Redress Scheme, and the government has agreed to pay the institution’s share of costs of providing redress to a person (as long as the government is found to be equally responsible for the abuse a person experienced).

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