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Historical records and memorabilia of Salvation Army institutions, Southern Territory

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Please contact the Manager, the Salvation Army Australia Museum:

Street Address: 69 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9653 3270

Email: lindsay.cox@aus.salvationarmy.org


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The Salvation Army Australia Museum in Melbourne, also known as the Heritage Centre, collects historical records and memorabilia about the Salvation Army in Australia. It holds historical records, memorabilia and photographs related to the Homes run by the Salvation Army in its Southern Territory (from 1921 until 2018, the Salvation Army was divided into two territories. The Southern Territory comprised South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia). The collection includes a digitised and searchable complete set of the Salvation Army magazine, War Cry. There are no personal records of former residents of Salvation Army institutions in the collection.

Access Conditions

Most of the Salvation Army Australia Museum’s collection is open to the public, however access to some material is restricted to protect personal privacy.


Please note that the Museum does not hold the personal files of former residents of institutions run by the Salvation Army.
The Museum holds miscellaneous historical records and photographs relating to many of the Homes operated by the Salvation Army in the Southern Territory (South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia). The records include ‘Social Files’ of general historical information about particular Homes, brochures and annual reports of the Salvation Army Social Services containing information about some institutions. The photographs include images of residents at work and at play, group shots, pictures of staff and buildings.

The Museum has a digitised and searchable complete set of the Salvation Army magazine, War Cry, dating back to 1880.

The Salvation Army had a Heritage Centre, Archives and Museum in Nailsworth, South Australia, until it closed in 2012. At this time, all records in the collection were transferred to the Salvation Army in Melbourne.

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