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Letterbooks, Industrial and Reformatory School for Girls, Toowoomba

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Please contact Queensland State Archives:

Postal Address: PO Box 1397, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109

Phone: (07) 3037 6777

Email: info@archives.qld.gov.au

Website: https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/arts/heritage/archives/contacts

Reference Number

Quote this number to access your records: Queensland State Archives Series ID, 16295

Records Location

These records are held by Queensland State Archives.


The Letterbooks of the Superintendent of the Industrial and Reformatory School for Girls, Toowoomba, Series ID 16295, contain copies of outgoing correspondence related to the School. Much of the correspondence in this series relates to individual children, who are named. Topics covered by the correspondence includes occurrences at the school, movement of children between institutions and employers, requests for discharges and absences, absconding, work performed by children (specifically laundry work), maintenance payments made for individual children, purchase of supplies, repairs, staffing and salaries.

Access Conditions

All letters in this series are open access, and have been digitised and transcribed. Digital copies and transcriptions are accessible via the Queensland State Archives item page for each item

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