• Archival Series

List of Names for Orphanage Endowment Claim, St John's Orphanage, Thurgoona

To access these records

Please contact the Archivist, ISMAPNG Archives and Heritage – Sydney.

Postal Address: PO Box 284 Petersham, NSW 2049

Email: ismapngarchives@ismapng.org.au

Website: https://institute.mercy.org.au/about-us/archives-and-heritage/


List of Names for Orphanage Endowment Claim is an archival series relating to St John’s Orphanage, Thurgoona. The information in this volume includes the following: name of child; date of admission; date and place of birth; father’s name; mother’s maiden name; and date of discharge.

Access Conditions

Information in these records is available to the individual to whom it relates, or a family member provided they can prove their relationship to the person. Information is not available to third parties about a person who is still alive.

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