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Maintenance (Consolidation) Act 1957, Victoria


The Maintenance (Consolidation) Act 1957 (No. 6116) amends the Maintenance Act 1928 (No. 3722). It consolidated the law for the maintenance of wives and children, confinement expenses and financial support of persons whose relatives reside in another Australian state or in the Commonwealth, and New Zealand. The act also deals with enforcement of maintenance orders originating in England, her dominion and protectorates and other countries. This legislation repeals “Inter-State Destitute Persons Relief Act 1915 No. 2673”, “Children’s Maintenance Act 1919 No. 3001”, “Marriage (Maintenance) Act 1919 No. 3010”, “Inter-State Destitute Persons Relief Act 1921 No. 3140”, “Children’s Maintenance Act 1924 No. 3376” and “Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Act 1925 No. 3397”.

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