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Email: programs@marymead.org.au

Website: http://www.marymead.org.au/

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Marymead holds over 400 boxes of card files and paper files dating from its inception in 1967 to the present day. The number of files is substantial as thousands of children or young people have stayed at the home and long term residents could be with Marymead for upwards of 10 years. A file has been created for each client in either a card or paper format. The archive also includes a large number of photographs that trace the development of Marymead and features many children who were supported by the organisation.

Access Conditions

It is a policy of Marymead not to charge clients for copies of their records. Also, clients have the right to add information to their Marymead file, and to insert an amendment should they believe that the information that Marymead holds is not accurate.

An electronic database indexing Marymead’s client files has been developed to better assist former clients seeking information about themselves or their family.

In the initial years the data was recorded in a simple card system. These records would specify name of the client, admission date, contacts and subsequent discharge date. Card records were replaced by paper files during the 1980s and the information recorded was expanded to include the case history of the client. The information may include records of conversations, phone calls and meetings, reports, court orders, correspondence and details of other relevant services which may include health or education services. In recent years all of the indexes have been transferred to Excel spreadsheets.

Card files (1967-1989)

The card files were created when Marymead was run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary nuns. The cards have information including: Name and Date of Birth (DOB) (for each child, if more than one sibling), names of father and mother, address (parents?), dates of admission and discharge, religion, name of person or organisation who placed the child at Marymead.

Paper files (c.1970 – )

The paper files date from around 1970, and are still created about current clients of Marymead. These files contain information including: Name and DOB (for each child, if more than one sibling), name of mother and father, address (parents?), dates of admission and discharge, also referral sheet, initial assessment form, agreement forms e.g. between child and Marymead, individual management plans, case notes, daily reports, medical notes and reports, contact reports, faxes, communication books, court notes, permissions, admission form, family support worker (FSW) reports, diet and medication guidelines, correspondence with Royal Canberra Hospital/ Department of Youth and Community Services/schools etc, photographs, death and burial records, personal letters and correspondence, administration.

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