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Northcote School Act 1960, Victoria


The Northcote School Act, No. 6700, was passed in 1960 to make it possible for children other than British Child Migrants to be placed at the Northcote Farm School. According to the preamble of the Act:

  • the Northcote School can provide accommodation for at least one hundred children;
  • the English trustees have recently been unable to secure sufficient children from Great Britain qualified under the trust for education and upbringing at the Northcote School
  • there are now not more than 20 English children at the School
  • the Australian trustees have resolved to disband the School at the end of 1960 unless additional children can be admitted.

This change led to state wards being accommodated at the Northcote Farm School. The Farm School was still run by the Northcote Trust, and this Act also specified who the Australian members of the Northcote Trust were.

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