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Reports to the Minister, Child Welfare Advisory Council

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These records are held by Tasmanian Archives (2011 - current).


Reports to the Minister, an archival series, contains reports made by the Child Welfare Advisory Council about child welfare issues and individual institutions.

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The following items in this series relate to children’s homes:

  • Item Number: AD253/1/4
    Title: Ashley Home for Boys- Deloraine 1970.
    Date: 1970
  • Item Number: AD253/1/5
    Title: Copies of Evidence submitted by Approved Children’s Homes on questionnaires (Fairbridge, Bethany, The Convent of the Good Shepherd).
    Date: 1967
  • Item Number: AD253/1/11
    Title: Juvenile Delinquency in Tasmania, report from Superintendent, Ashley Boys Home to Child Welfare Advisory Council.
    Date: 1969
  • Item Number: AD253/1/12
    Title: Juvenile Delinquency in Tasmania-Report by Mother Prioress, Mount St Canice.
    Date: 1969
  • Item Number: AD253/1/13
    Title: Juvenile Delinquency in Tasmania-Mount St Canice, Hobart-Report of Sub-Committee, Child Welfare Advisory Council.
    Date: 1970
  • Item Number: AD253/1/14
    Title : Juvenile Delinquency in Tasmania-Report from Mount St Canice-23 March 1970.
    Date: 1970
  • Item Number: AD253/1/15
    Title: Report on Juvenile Delinquency by West Winds, Home for Boys.
    Date: 1969
  • Item Number: AD253/1/16
    Title: Report on Juvenile Delinquency by Principal, Weeroona.
    Date: 1969
    This item is a report by the Principal of the Weeroona entitled Juvenile Delinquency in Tasmania. The Principal sets out the aims of Weeroona, the girls’ educational and recreational activities, some information about the accommodation, and some brief discussion about problems with the facilities and attracting staff.
  • Item Number: AD253/1/17
    Title: Report by Sub-Committee of Child Welfare Advisory Council on visit to Weeroona.
    Date: 1971
    This item is a report is of a visit to the Home made by two members of the Child Welfare Advisory Council. It contains mostly positive comments.

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