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St John of God Hospital, Subiaco, Records

To access these records

Please contact the Health Information Manager, St John of God Hospital Subiaco:

Address: PO Box 14, Subiaco WA 6904

Phone: (08) 9382 6111

Email: subiaco.records@sjog.org.au

Website: https://www.sjog.org.au/patients-and-visitors/privacy

Records Location


St John of God Subiaco may have records of your hospitalisation. Although the hospital started in 1898, the record collection is not complete. However, there are maternity records from 1963, some admission and discharge registers and also some medical records.

Access Conditions

While access to these records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, you are very welcome to enquire.

Records may include:

  • Maternity records from 1963
  • Searchable adoptions and foster discharge index
  • Admission and discharge registers.
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