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Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Justice Portfolio) Act 1999, South Australia


The Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Justice Portfolio) Act 1999 (Act No.42/1999) was passed on 5 August 1999 and commenced 3 October 1999. Its full title is: “An Act to amend the Administration and Probate Act 1919, the Bail Act 1985, the Children’s Protection Act 1993, the Correctional Services Act 1982, the Crimes at Sea Act 1998, the Criminal Law (Sentencing) Act 1988, the District Court Act 1991, the Magistrates Court Act 1991, the Statutes Amendment (Fine Enforcement) Act 1998, the Summary Offences Act 1953, the Summary Procedure Act 1921, the Young Offenders Act 1993 and the Youth Court Act 1993; and to repeal the Appeal Costs Fund Act 1979”. It had no amendments and is current as of March 2015.

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