UnitingCare Queensland is the health and community service provider of the Uniting Church. It provides health and community services through its service streams – Child and Family Services, UnitingCare Health, Blue Care and ARRCS (Australian Regional and Remote Community Services). UnitingCare Queensland holds some records relating to Homes run by the former Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches, which came together to form the Uniting Church in 1977, as well as records relating to services provided post-1977.

As the health and community service provider of the Uniting Church, UnitingCare Queensland supports people all over Queensland (including in some of the more remote areas of Queensland) as well as in the Northern Territory

Following the release of the ‘Forgotten Australians’ report in 2004, the Uniting Church in Australia made an official apology and expressed its regret and sorrow to the children who suffered neglect and abuse while in institutional care provided by the Uniting Church and its agencies in the past.

UnitingCare Queensland encourages people who suffered abuse, or those representing them, to seek assistance and make contact with UnitingCare Queensland about support and redress.

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