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Victorian Children's Aid Society Records

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Please contact OzChild:

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Reference Number

Quote this number to access your records: State Library of Victoria Accession No, MS 10051

Records Location

These records are held by State Library of Victoria (1854 - current).


The Victorian Children’s Aid Society records (MS10051) is a manuscript collection held by the State Library of Victoria. It includes by laws, annual reports, minutes; financial records; case histories, court committals, fostering and adoption records of children under the care of the Society; correspondence relating to children under the control of the Society and the administration of the Society; some published records of the Society, press cuttings and photographs.

Access Conditions

Restricted. Any person wishing to view material must contact OzChild. OzChild will liaise directly with the State Library of Victoria on the patron’s behalf.


The records comprise:
General Index to Case Books, 1 vol. [Box 4/3]; Case books, 12 vols – [Boxes 4/4, F5-F13, 54/1, 54/2]; Records of babies in Mrs Andrew’s Home, ‘Heathersett’ before transfer to the Society’s Home, I vol. [Box 18/2] Mrs Sarah E. Andrews was a long-time supporter of the Victorian Children’s Aid Society and was Vice President for many years. It appears that Mrs Andrews took babies into her home for care prior to them being placed in care or returned to their family. This small exercise book records the name of child, date of birth, date the child came to “Heathersett”, details of parents, progressive weight, destination of the child on leaving ‘Heathersett’. Not all the children recorded in this book were admitted to the care of the Victorian Children’s Aid Society. Where a child was admitted there is an entry in the General Index to Case Books ( Series 4) and the Case Books, (Series 6); Minutes of the Committee and Annual Meetings [Boxes 1/3-5; 2/4; 3/1;4/1-2]; Admission and Discharge Register, 2 vols [Boxes 18/4-5]; Annual Reports -40 reports [Box1/2(a),1/2(b), 1/2©]; Placement Books (2 vols) [Boxes 18/6-7]; Foster Care Records – 3 items {box18/10]; Transfer of Guardianship – 8 vols{Boxes 19/5-7, 20/1-5]; Records associated with adoption [Boxes 19/1;19/3(a); 21/1; 55/1; 55/8]; From Dark to Dawn ( the organ of the Victorian Children’s Aid Society) – 14 issues – Box 49/6. National Library of Australia holds an incomplete run of From Dark to Dawn; Placement Books – Preprinted bound forms completed by a parent or parents wishing to place a child into the care of the society – 3 vols [Box 18/6-7] and OzChild.

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