January-February 2011 updates

Posted on 8 March 2011 by

Here’s a quick update on new and updated entries in Pathways for the months of Jan/Feb 2011.

One area we’ve been working on recently is adding to our Glossary – we are starting to add phrases, abbreviations, acronyms and other jargon which commonly appear on client files. This month we’ve added entries for the terms Likely to Lapse and In Moral Danger. These phrases come from the children’s welfare laws in Victoria, and were written on files as shorthand for the justification behind a child being committed into ‘care’.

The language used on client files from institutions and government departments can be confusing, a factor that can add to the stress of accessing records of your time in ‘care’. The organisation that created the records should be able to help you make sense of any jargon or abbreviations.

If you have a suggestion for us to add to the Pathways Glossary, get in touch!

See the full list of What’s New in Pathways, January-February 2011.

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