December 2010 updates

Posted on 18 January 2011 by

My apologies for not publishing the December 2010 Pathways updates until more than halfway through January 2011, but the Christmas/New Year break got in the way …

You’ll find that there are some new Gallery items in Pathways: after receiving an email enquiry from a former resident of Nazareth House in Ballarat, I did some web-searching and was happy to discover two images of this institution.

We have also got new images for two other Victorian homes: the state-run, Lady Dugan Children’s Home in Malvern and the William Booth Girls’ Home in East Camberwell, run by the Salvation Army. Both of these images come from the CLAN website and its listing of Homes and Orphanages in Australian states and territories – a terrific resource, and we thank CLAN for its continuing involvement with our project.

There were no major alterations or additions to Pathways in December 2010. One notable change is the new Victorian government service, FIND (which stands for: Family Information, Networks and Discovery). Formerly, this was known as the Adoption and Family Records Service (or AFRS) within the Department of Human Services. FIND helps people to access personal and family information, records and support about past Wardship and Adoption, and provides counselling information about Donor Conception in the state of Victoria. There is more information on the FIND website.

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