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Australian Capital Territory - Legislation

Deserted Wives and Children Ordinance 1932 (1932 - 1969)

Amending Act

The Deserted Wives and Children Ordinance 1932 (Act no. 16/1932) is an ordinance to amend the Deserted Wives and Children Act 1901 of the State of New South Wales, in its application to the Territory. It was passed on 4 August 1932 and repealed by the Maintenance Act 1968 on 1 January 1969. As this ordinance was repealed before 11 May 1989 it did not become an ACT Act.


Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: Law Research Service, Melbourne Law School, Law Library, The University of Melbourne. 'Find and Connect Project - Northern Territory Legislation', 1 February 2013, held in the project files at the University of Melbourne eScholarship Research Centre.

Prepared by: Christine Moje