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Forgotten Australians: life stories
Alliance for Forgotten Australians, 2011

'Forgotten Australians: life stories' is a DVD produced by the Alliance for Forgotten Australians (AFA) in 2011, as an educational resource, aimed at providers of welfare, health and other services who will work more effectively with Forgotten Australians if they understand what makes them who they are.

This is the story of six people who started life differently - one of them in another country - but who shared the experience of a childhood in Children's Homes, institutions or foster care in Australia. They are strong and hopeful people, but they live with the trauma of childhood abuse and neglect, and they find many aspects of everyday living challenging. They are members of a very large group of people who call themselves the Forgotten Australians.

It is also a documentation of history, told through the eyes of these six people. These six have been chosen because they are members of the Alliance for Forgotten Australians and have support networks in place. Meet Caroline, Allan, Tony, Wilma, Pamella and Laurie, as they bring to life the story of the Forgotten Australians.

The videos are also available online. AFA warns that the videos should be used with care.



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