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Thompson, Geoff
Boys home linked to violent deaths
ABC 7.30 Report, 14 December 2011

An ABC investigation has confirmed that more than 35 violent deaths in Australia are linked to men who spent their teens in the same notorious boys home. The Institution for Boys, Tamworth was opened in 1947 and quickly gained a reputation as the most feared prison in the land. Some of its alumni include the nation's most infamous killers and criminals: Arthur Stanley 'Neddy' Smith, George Freeman, Kevin Crump, and William Munday. Geoff Thompson reports.

Interviews: Des Drury, former prison officer; Keith Kelly, former Tamworth inmate; Bob McLuland, former Tamworth inmate; Bob Connare, former Tamworth inmate; Dr Michael Daffern, Australian Psychological Society.

Contains original footage of Tamworth Institution for Boys; re-enactments of treatments of the children; news footage of Arthur Stanley 'Neddy' Smith, James Finch, George Freeman, Kevin Crump, Archibald McCafferty, William Munday.