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Beilharz, Nikolai
Hay Girls Tell Their Story
ABC Bush Telegraph, 5 March 2007

Women from the Hay Institution for Girls, a maximum security jail for young women held a reunion recently to coincide with International Women's Day. It was the first time most of them had gone back to Hay to face their childhood trauma, and was also the first time many of them had met other self-described 'Hay Girls'.

Revisiting their demons was quite a challenge for these women, but they felt it necessary to bring some closure to the horror they faced while incarcerated during their time at the Hay Institution for Girls. They discuss what the reunion was like and whether it helped heal any wounds that were opened over three decades ago.

In this report: Wilma Robb, former Hay Girl; Bonney Djuric, former Parramatta Girls inmate and organiser of reunion.


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