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Dependent children registers, 1883-1923 [microform] / State Children's Relief Board
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Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, Blackburn, 1995

Title taken from State Records Authority of New South Wales website.
11/22094-130; microfiche copy SR Fiche 7003-7317 (37 volumes).
These records relate to children who were admitted to State care. They record where the dependent children were placed (whether with foster parents or guardians). Some of the children were eventually adopted.
The registers give: name of child; age; religion; where received; name and known address of parents and remarks; particulars of foster parents and guardians - names, addresses, dates when received and when transferred, and how placed; and how eventually disposed of and date (this may be by adoption, back to custody of one or both parents, or the child may have attained the age of eighteen).

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