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New South Wales - Archival Collection

Stockton Hospital records, State Archives NSW (1910 - 1956)

Reference No
NRS-18470; NRS-18471
Legal Status
State Records Authority of New South Wales Series Numbers

These are records created by Stockton Hospital for the Insane that are held by Museums of History NSW (State Archives). The records contain information about patients at the hospital, and include admission and discharge/death registers.


Access Conditions

Records containing patient information are closed for 110 years. For access to these records please contact the NSW Department of Communities & Justice Open Government, Information and Privacy Unit.

Records older than 110 years are open to the public. For access to open records please contact Museums of History NSW (State Archives).


The following information about these records has been published in the State Archives catalogue:

  • Register of patients and admission book, 1910-1951. Reference Number: NRS-18470.
    These registers contain information about patients admitted to Stockton Hospital. They include information such as date of admission, date of previous admission and number of admissions for the year, patient name, gender, age, "social condition", number of children, occupation, country born in, address, religion, how sent to the hospital, date of medical certificate and name of signatory, form of mental disorder and its supposed cause, relevant personal and family medical history, date of discharge and condition at discharge (e.g. improved/recovered/not improved), time in hospital, and general observations.
  • Register of discharges removals and deaths, 1910-1956. Reference Number: NRS-18471.
    This register contains information about patients discharged from or who died at Stockton Hospital. It includes information such as date of discharge/death/removal, date of admission, patient's name, whether patient recovered/relieved/not improved/died, cause of death, age at death, and general observations. In some cases burial location is identified.


Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: 'Stockton Centre', in State Records Authority of New South Wales website, State of New South Wales through the State Records Authority of NSW 2016,

Prepared by: Constance Thurley-Hart