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New South Wales - Archival Collection

Protestant Orphan School records, State Archives NSW (1850 - 1870)

Reference No
NRS-12267; NRS-21313; NRS-21555; RNCG-3997
Legal Status
State Records Authority of New South Wales Series Numbers

These are records created the Protestant Orphan School and held by Museums of History NSW (State Archives). The records contain information about children at the school, and admission registers and correspondence. Additional records relating to children at the Protestant Orphan School can be found in the records of the Male and Female Orphan Schools, which were combined to form the Protestant Orphan School in 1850.


Access Conditions

These records are Open access, and available to any member of the public. To access these records please contact Museums of History NSW (State Archives).


The following information about these records has been published in the State Archives catalogue:

  • Admission Book (male), 1850-1886. Reference Number: NRS-21313.
    This book records information about boys admitted to the Protestant Orphan School. It includes information such as child's name, age, date of admission, date of leaving the institution, parent's names, and other remarks.
  • Copies of letters sent, 1850-1870. Reference Number: NRS-12267.
    This series contains letters sent by the clerk, master, matron, and superintendent of the Protestant Orphan School to the Colonial Secretary's Office. The letters mostly deal with the welfare, health, and admission of children to the institution, as well as administrative matters. They include monthly reports from November 1868 to June 1870.
  • Letters received, 1850. Reference Number: NRS-21555.
    This series comprises just two letters received by the Matron of the Protestant Orphan School. Both letters relate to the returning of named children to their families.
  • Letters sent and received by the Matron of the Protestant Orphan School, Martha Betts, 1857-1870. Reference Number: RNCG-3997.
    These records have not yet been fully processed, and so no further description is available.

Prepared by: Constance Thurley-Hart