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New South Wales - Archival Series

Photographs of indigenous people, c.1930-50 (Provenance uncertain - probably from Bomaderry Children's Home) (c. 1930 - c. 1950)

c. 1930
c. 1950
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Legal Status
State Records Authority of New South Wales Series Number

This is a series of photographs held by Museums of History NSW (State Archives). It's provenance is not yet certain, however it is believed to show people at Bomaderry Children's Home.


Access Conditions

Access to these photographs is restricted to protect the privacy of the individuals depicted in them. Persons wishing to view these records must first contact the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.


As of the time of writing (July 2023) these records were unprocessed by State Archives, and as such no further information about them has been published in the State Archives catalogue. Access approval for these records may take longer than for processed records.

Prepared by: Constance Thurley-Hart