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New South Wales - Organisation

Community Services (2009 - )

Department of Family and Community Services

Care Provider and Government Agency
Alternative Names
  • DoCS (also known as)

Community Services was created in 2009 as a Government agency of the Department of Human Services. In April 2011, the Department of Human Services was renamed the Department of Family and Community Services but the Community Services agency remained the same. Community Services manages child protection services and a range of programs for children and families across New South Wales and continues the work of the previous Department of Community Services. Community Services is the primary point of contact for former wards of the state and adoptees in accessing records relating to institutions, juvenile justice, foster care and out of home care. The agency has a Care Leaver Records Access Unit and an Adoption Information Unit to help people access their records.

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Sources used to compile this entry: Family and Community Services Website; Correspondence with Department of Family and Community Services staff members, 23 March 2012, 3 April 2013.

Prepared by: Naomi Parry