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Burnside Archives (2000? - )

  • We were Burnie kids

    We were Burnie kids, 1937 - c. 1940

Records Access Service and Records Holder

Burnside Archives, located at North Parramatta, is part of UnitingCare Burnside and holds historic records of children's homes run by Burnside Presbyterian Orphan Homes for Children, Burnside Presbyterian Homes for Children, Burnside Homes and Burnside. For past clients of Burnside, access to files is through the Aftercare Coordinator.


Burnside Archives is committed to an open file policy with as few restrictions as possible, and past or present clients may access their files. If the client is deceased, their next of kin may access the file.

How to access records from Burnside:

Burnside is committed to an open file policy with as few restrictions as possible. If you are a past or present client, you will have access to your file as readily as possible, taking into account your needs and best interests.

  • Files are generally available only to the person whose name appears on the front of the file.
  • If the client is deceased, the file will be shown to the next of kin. You will need to supply their death certificate and evidence of next-of-kin relationship.
  • For adopted persons who are past or present clients, the provisions of the Adoption Act 2000 apply.
  • For current out-of-home care clients, access to files is supervised by the appropriate unit coordinator or foster care caseworker.
  • For past clients, access to files is through the Aftercare Coordinator.
  • You must provide proof of identity (e.g. birth certificate, driver's licence).
  • As a file may be stored off-site, you will need to allow for some delay in gaining access.
  • How you will have access will be determined by the Aftercare Coordinator.

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  • Keen, Susan, Burnside: 75 years of caring, Burnside Homes for Children, 1986. Details

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We were Burnie kids
We were Burnie kids
1937 - c. 1940


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Prepared by: Naomi Parry