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Bidura Children's Court (1983 - )

  • Bidura House

    Bidura House, 13 March 2010, by Adam, J.W.C., courtesy of Adam, J.W.C., Wikimedia Commons.

Juvenile Justice Centre, Records Access Service and Records Holder

Bidura Children's Court opened in April 1983, replacing the Metropolitan Children's Court at Albion Street. It is situated behind the historic house Bidura, which had been a shelter and receiving home until 1977. The court complex at Bidura included the Bidura Remand and Assessment Centre but this was found unsuitable as it provided little barrier to the many escapees and it now only holds in custody those appearing in court that day.


Bidura Children's Court continues to operate and holds records for the Metropolitan Children's Court.

Access Conditions

People wishing to gain access to information from Bidura Children's Court must write to the Clerk of Bidura Children's Court:

Children's Courts

In many instances, especially in the case of smaller Courts, the depositions of proceedings in Children's Courts are interfiled with the adult depositions. There are, however, several designated Children's Courts in NSW: Bidura Children's Court at Glebe (in Sydney's inner west); Cobham Children's Court at Werrington (in Sydney's far west); Worimi Children's Court at Broadmeadow (Newcastle); Minda Children's Court at Lidcombe (in Sydney's west); Campsie Children's Court at Campsie (in Sydney's south west); and Yasmar Children's Court at Haberfield (in Sydney's inner west).

Court records may also held by the State Records Authority of New South Wales. In 2014 there were no records listed in the Concise Guide to the State Archives relating to this organisation. Since the Guide was last updated it is possible that additional records have been deposited with the State Records Authority of New South Wales. In addition, records are still held by the Courts themselves. As all requests for information must be directed through the Clerk of the relevant Court, current information about holdings will be available from the Court.


Address - Bidura Children's Court was established behind 'Bidura', 357 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Location: Glebe


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Bidura House
Bidura House
13 March 2010
Adam, J.W.C.
Adam, J.W.C., Wikimedia Commons


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Prepared by: Naomi Parry