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New South Wales - Archival Series

Notifications of Discharge (1917 - 1970)

Dalmar Child and Family Care, Wesley Mission

9 July 1917
3 February 1970
Reference No
Box G, items 101-117
Legal Status
Wesley Mission Reference Number

These Notification of Discharge forms are declarations by the custodian (i.e. the Matron of the home) to the Director of the Child Welfare Department that custody of the child is being relinquished. The forms record: the name of the child; the address of the custodian; to whom the child was discharged (e.g. parent) and their address; the relationship of the future custodian to the child; and the date of discharge. There are 17 volumes.


Access Conditions

If you once lived with Wesley Dalmar, we still have the records of your time with us. You may have lived in a residential home, a group home or with Wesley Dalmar foster carers. If you would like to see your file, this is how to go about it:

If you were in care before 2007 call our Carlingford office and ask to speak to our Aftercare worker. The Aftercare worker will assist you to access your file and provide an opportunity to talk about what it was like for you when you lived in care.

It may take some time to prepare a copy of your file for you. Once it is ready, you will be invited to meet with Wesley Dalmar's Aftercare worker, or a caseworker, to go through the file copy, which you can then take away with you. Reading about your past for the first time can be difficult, so we encourage you to bring a trusted friend with you.

In recognition of the needs of past Wesley Dalmar residents, an assessment and treatment program is now available free of charge through Wesley Private Hospital, where the psychology service has a wealth of experience in assisting people recovering from past trauma. Talk to the Aftercare worker about how to access this support service.

An Aftercare worker provides support to people who have been in the care of Wesley Dalmar Out of Home Care and who have left the program.

NOTE: If you were in care after 2007 call the office that managed your time in care and ask to speak to the Manager. We can provide information and support to help you to get established in life.

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Online Resources

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Prepared by: Melissa Downing