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New South Wales - Archival Series

Detainee files (1992 - )

Department of Juvenile Justice


The 'D' files and the Allied Health Files were created and maintained by the Department of Juvenile Justice. The 'D' files relate to juveniles who have been admitted to a juvenile justice centre. They record: admission and discharge dates; personal details; casework records; court records; background reports; special incidents and authorised absences. The Allied Health Files record: medical and dental history; drug and alcohol casework; psychological reports and psychiatry notes.


Access Conditions

Access to files relating to juvenile detainees can generally be obtained through the processes outlined in the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPAA).


Mt Penang, Pacific Highway, Kariong NSW 2251.


Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: Thinee, Kristy and Bradford, Tracy, Connecting Kin: Guide to Records, A guide to help people separated from their families search for their records [completed in 1998], New South Wales Department of Community Services, Sydney, New South Wales, 1998,

Prepared by: Melissa Downing