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New South Wales - Archival Series

Certificates of Exemption, Aborigines Welfare Board (1949 - 1954)

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New South Wales

Certificates of Exemption could be granted to applicants who, in the opinion of the Aborigines Welfare Board, ought to no longer be subject to the provisions of the Aborigines Protection Act and Regulations. A recipient was no longer eligible to receive any benefit, assistance or relief from the Board, and had to undertake to provide a home deemed by the board to be 'proper' for themselves and their family.


Access Conditions

Due to the sensitive nature of these records access is restricted. Persons wishing to view these records must first contact the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.


According to the State Records catalogue, these records appear to be a duplicate set that was held by the Board. Some certificates no longer have photographs attached.

A blank certificate is available online here:

The Certificates measure 16.5cm by 12.5cm and were folded in half and carried by the individual like a passport. The certificates contain the following information: name, "caste" [please note this is the language as it is used in the record], age, place of residence, date, photograph of the individual, and the signatures of the following three officials: Chairman of the Aborigines Welfare Board, Member of the Aborigines Welfare Board and the Secretary of the Aborigines Welfare Board.

Applications for these Certificates of Exemption are held in a separate series. For more information on the applications please see

Prepared by: Naomi Parry