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New South Wales - Archival Series

Salary Registers (Trust Account) (1921 - 1934)

Board for the Protection of Aborigines

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Salary Registers (Trust Account) are volumes which record payments into and out of employers' accounts and employees' trust accounts. They record the employment history of Aboriginal people working for people other than the Board for the Protection of Aborigines.



These records are Open access. For access please contact State Archives NSW.


They are arranged alphabetically by the name of the employee, and each sheet is divided into four sections. The first gives sheet number, and name of employee. The second gives name and address of employer, dates the employee commenced and finished employment, and the reason. There is enough space for the names of five employers. The third section is headed 'Employer's account with A.P. Board' and gives period, rate for week, amount due, amount paid, and receipt number. The fourth section is headed 'Employee's Trust Account' and gives in the Debit column, date of payment, amount, and C.B. folio; the Credit column gives date received, amount, and receipt number. Volume 4/8561 includes payments to the Board for advances of money, rental of cottages and leases of reserves.

Volume 4/8561 includes a list in sheet number order with the names of all employees given in both volumes. However the sheets have been filed alphabetically. There is a separate index to the Miscellaneous section which is not in alphabetical order.

Prepared by: Naomi Parry