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New South Wales - Archival Series

Index to Minutes of meetings of the Aborigines Welfare Board (1946 - 1969)

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The Index to Minutes of meetings of the Aborigines Welfare Board is an alphabetical index to Minute Books. The Indexes are arranged alphabetically by matters raised at Board meetings. The indexes give the agenda number of the matter raised followed by the page number in the relevant Minute Book for that meeting.


Access Conditions

Due to the sensitive nature of these records access is restricted. Persons wishing to view these records must first contact the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.


Before 21 May 1946, the Aborigines Welfare Board Minute Books had indexes incorporated within them. The index method is to give the item number, then the page number.

The Indexes and their relevant Minute Book(s) are:

Index Book NRS 3/1 4/8549 indexes Minute Book NRS 2/1 4/8545
Index Book NRS 3/1 4/8550 indexes Minute Books NRS 2/1 4/8546 and 4/8547
Index Book NRS 3/1 4/8551 indexes Minute Book NRS 2/1 4/8548.

Prepared by: Naomi Parry