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New South Wales - Archival Item

Patrick Sephton interviewed by Ann-Mari Jordens in the Bringing them home oral history project (2001)

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Patrick Sephton (1924-2009) speaks about being orphaned at age 12 and fostered by family friends. He worked as a fitter and turner for several years before joining the Aborigines Welfare Board (AWB) (1950-1956). He discusses some of his colleagues, and outlines his duties as a Welfare Officer in south-eastern New South Wales. Sephton describes the living conditions on the reserves and stations he visited, and the living conditions of Aboriginal people in towns. He also describes the processes of removal, fostering and adoption and the workings of the children's courts and shelters, including Royleston and Bidura. Sephton became disillusioned with the work of the AWB and left in 1956 to join the New South Wales Probation and Parole Board (1956-1984).

Prepared by: Naomi Parry