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George Bloomfield interviewed by John Maynard in the Bringing them home oral history project (2001)

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George Bloomfield (1956-) speaks about his early life in Fitzroy, Vic.; living as fringe-dwellers in Griffith, N.S.W.; and his removal in 1961 with his two siblings. He was put into Royleston Depot, before being sent to Mittagong and then to 'Werrickton' [Werrington] Park Boys Home. He describes the harsh living conditions in each institution. After leaving the Home at age 16, Bloomfield moved through several halfway houses before settling in Sydney where he currently works as a youth worker, a role in which he draws heavily on his own difficult life experiences. He was re-united with his mother 6 months before her death. He expresses his views on the need to educate people to be responsible parents.

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Prepared by: Naomi Parry