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New South Wales - Archival Item

Effie Ray interviewed by Joanna Penglase in the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants oral history project [sound recording]

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  • National Library, Petherick Reading Room ORAL TRC 6200/32
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This recording is an oral history account by a former worker for the Child Welfare Department and Department of Child and Social Welfare, Effie Ray.

Ms Ray remembers her time at Hay Institution for Girls, Parramatta Girls Home and Ormond Training School.


Effie Ray talks about: her family and husband's family; the Depression; Moulamein Station; early employment and husband's employment; memories of wartime; marriage and children; illness; changes in Hay during her lifetime; fostering and adoption; Catholicism; the internment camp; employment at the Hay Institution for Girls (1967-73) as an instructor; Child Welfare Department; institutional routine; regimentation and repetitive work; treatment of the girls; talking being prohibited; pay rates; staff roles; child welfare course at the University of N.S.W.; the age of girls; punishments; complaints made to the Department; staff/inmate relations; male/female staff relations; Parramatta institution; weekly doctor's visit and medical treatment; record keeping; institution buildings; official inquiry and closure; visits by nuns and clergy; Hay reunion (2004); Ormond Training School; Sydney; Parramatta Girls' Training School; Internment camp; Manchester Unity International Order of Oddfellows; attitudes to women; children's rights; Hay Shire Council; community work in Hay; Parents and Friends of St. Marys; Gaol committee; Red Cross; Country Women's Association; Home and Community Care.

Prepared by: Naomi Parry